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    Goodbye Church Music Tour

    Well tour is over and I would like to say my thank yous:

    Thank you David Crowder Band for letting me come out and work on this tour.

    Thank you everyone who told me there was too much bass or not enough vocals.

    Thank you everyone who told me it sounded good.

    Thank you guy who clapped and/or whistled really loudly right next to my ears all night.

    Thank you lady in Spokane who told me the drums were "too amped" (good tour memory!)

    Thank you Steven, Joe, Cory, Brett, and Rob, and Lone Bird for being the most awesome crew in the world to work with!!!

    Thank you d&b for making awesome subwoofers.

    Thank you Digidesign for making awesome digital consoles.

    Thank you Sennheiser for making awesome microphones.

    Thank you easy buttons.

    And thank you everyone who volunteered to help set up or tear down or load a trailer.. And thank you everyone who came to the shows.

    See you next time.

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    I would also like to share some gratitude and short stories:

    Thanks to Dave, Toni, Rob, and whoever else said "Hey- Call Steven!" when they needed a backline tech after the first 3 tour dates. I was thrilled to be able to join!

    Thanks to Daniel, Joe, Cory, Brett, and LB - you guys were awesome to be around and usually very helpful. JK! You guys rule.

    Rob is the man. He knows everything.

    Dave, Mark, Jack, Mike D, Hogan, and BWack: You guys are incredibly fun to be around and extremely forgiving Thanks a million!

    Ryan, Aaron, Preston, Brandon, Phil, & Brandon: Seabird and Danyew were great opening bands (thanks to Daniel for letting me be their FoH so many times).

    Brett (the rad merch guy) would like to thank someone in Portland for giving him the H1N1. We then got to meet Brandon/Lone Bird's (seabird bassist) wife, who we promptly named "SheBird". Lindsey was awesome in filling in while Brett was in quarantine!

    Thanks to all our volunteers. We could not have loaded, set up, and torn down that much gear without you guys.

    Thanks for enjoying the shows and making this tour amazing for all the bands and crew.

    John and Pops - best bus drivers ever.

    My favorite tour moment: It's a tie between watching marathon matches of Wii Tennis on the bus and eating fried Oreo's in South Carolina. Who knew... See ya next time!
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    You guys put on a great show time after time. It's amazing sometimes how much time and effort it takes to pull off a one night concert then do it all over again and again and again. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the band and its fans!

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    i thought there was too much bass too! (from my vantage point next to the subs)
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    the mix sounded fantastic in columbia daniel. at least where i was sitting. it made me smile.
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    Great Topic.......Church Music 2009

    Toni, your the greatest......

    Rob and Brett your the greatest also, thank you so much for everything.

    Shout-outs X 2.......

    God Almighty X 3........

    With so much anticipation, we were truly saddened when it was over......

    Guys.......worship music at it's finest, thank you for allowing us to share that with you.....

    see you next year.......

    goye and mrs. goye

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    Daniel, the mix at Cain's in Tulsa was awesome. 20' away from the line array's and subs soaking it all in. I'd love to have your skills for when I'm mixing at church!

    Thanks so much to DC*B and the entire crew for the most amazing experience I have ever been a part of.....the Cain's concert was unbelievable!

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    Well, I think I can speak for the rest of the band and say that this tour we really had a "dream team" crew. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

    Its time now to say our goodbyes and close this forum. I will be moving it to the bottom as an archive of discussions for anyones perusing.

    I thought this went pretty well and plan to have other special guest forums in the future. If you think of anybody we could nominate send us a PM or email bwack (at) davidcrowderband (dot) com.

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