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    Phantom Power and an Upright Bass

    I am looking for input into how to mic an upright bass using a phantom power mic. I currently use an Audio-Technica PRO35 and clip this mic to the bridge of our upright bass. It takes phantom power and gives an okay signal, better than the kick-drum/SM57 combo we were using before, but the signal is still too weak and will feed back. I am looking into ways to simply plug this instrument into an amp but didn't know if you could plug a phantom power mic into an amp? Our stage is pretty small and we use wedge monitors so we have a lot working against us.

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    Maby throw a preamp in front of the di box or amp if you want to go that way. you could also get a 31 chanel eq and notch out the ofending frequency if the preamp dosent do the trick. im no expert but thats how id attack the problem. also on a side note, we used to have a problem with feedback on my voice at church because my voice isnt super powerfull when i switched to a wired in ear monitor my feed back gremlen died in a puff of black smoke. you can go with a wired in ear for under $200 and it is a joy to have if you have enough monitor sends on your board

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    Try google and youtube. They have simple guides to follow.

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